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Hybrid Weed Strains: Buy Cannabis Hybrid Flowers in Vancouver

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Hybrid Weed Strains: Buy Cannabis Hybrid Flowers in Vancouver

Phone: (236) 899-7717  –  Hours: 12PM to 8PM Daily

– We Deliver To All Of The Lower Mainland



Holy Grail (AA)

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AAAA Weed | Premium

Ambrosia Strain (AAAA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Birthday Cake Strain (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Black Tuna (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Bubble Gum (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Candyland (AA)

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El Jefe (AAA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Great White Shark (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Mango Haze (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Meat Breath (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Pineapple (AA)

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AA | Budget Buds

Rock Tuna Strain (AA)

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AAAA Weed | Premium

Venom OG Strain (AAAA)

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AA | Budget Buds

OG Shark (AA)


Written by the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team

Updated on March 11, 2021

Hybrid cannabis strains combine the best features of both Sativa and Indica strains. All hybrid weed strains are created by crossbreeding the genetics of Indica and Sativa plants. The result is a nice balance of effects and a more comprehensive set of benefits. The best thing is that these plants provide a balanced set of therapeutic effects for users. Shop at Weed Delivery Vancouver and check out our selection of top hybrid cannabis. We offer our marijuana at the lowest prices, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your medication. So come check out our cannabis store and get same-day marijuana delivery on all our weed strains and start saving.

What are Hybrid Weed Strains?

Hybrid weed strains are what you get when you mix Indica and Sativa genetics. The result is a perfect blend of Sativa and Indica effects. Also, this means a much broader range of therapeutic benefits for all to enjoy. It’s no wonder why so many people prefer hybrid strains. 

The great news is that there are currently thousands of Hybrid cannabis strains in Canada, each with its own sets of traits. It is getting increasingly difficult to find strains that are 100% Sativa or Indica. Natural crossbreeding and cannabis breeders are making it more difficult. The good news is that there will be more strains for your choosing. And these strains will cover a wider range of effects and uses. It’s no wonder why hybrid weed has become so popular since Legalization.

Hybrid Plant Traits

Hybrid cannabis strains can possess a wide range of characteristics. There are so many different types, each with its unique traits, meaning that many Hybrid weed strains share similar attributes with Indica or Sativa strains. It is challenging to tell whether a cannabis plant is a hybrid or not. The positive thing is that you can now buy specific hybrid strains with a particular set of properties. 

Best Hybrid Strains

Nowadays, it is difficult to find strains that are entirely Indica or Sativa genetics. The good news is there is a vast selection of hybrid weed strains at your fingertips. Below are some of the most sought after hybrid cannabis strains in Vancouver:

Alien OG Strain Atomic Bomb Strain Black Tuna Strain
Blueberry Strain Bruce Banner Strain Charlotte's Web Strain
Gas Mask Strain Ghost Train Strain Girl Scout Cookies Strain
God Bud Strain Green Crack Strain Ice Wreck Strain
Kushberry Strain Mango Haze Strain Master Bubba Strain
Mataro Blue Strain MK Ultra Strain Peanut Butter Breath Strain
Phantom OG Strain Pineapple Strain Pink Star Strain
Purple Candy Strain Sensi Star Strain Skywalker Strain
White Castle Strain White Widow Strain

How To Smoke Hybrid Weed

Over the years, there have been many inventive ways to take cannabis. You can smoke it in a joint, vape it using a vaporizer, and even eat it. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the most preferred ways to smoke weed.

Joint: Smoking a joint is by far the most common way to take marijuana. You roll up the buds using a rolling paper and then light it up.

Blunt: Smoking a blunt is the same as smoking a joint, except you roll it up using blunt paper instead.

Bong: A bong is a tool that you can use to smoke buds. They are commonly made of glass and are a great way to smoke weed. 

Pipe: You can also smoke weed out of a pipe. Just place some buds into the pipe and light it up.

Vaporizer: Another method is vaping weed using a dry herb vaporizer. The vaporizer heats the buds and turns them into a vapour that you can inhale.

Hybrid Cannabis Dosage Chart

It is important to note that not everyone is the same. That means that the THC found in marijuana will affect people differently. For instance, tolerance level, body weight, metabolic rate, and amount of THC taken all play a factor. Therefore, take the cannabis dosage chart with a grain of salt. It is still a useful tool to get started. 

No High < 3%  Non-Psychoactive CBD Users
Low 3 - 10%  Low Beginners
Medium 10 - 18% Moderate Intermediate Users
High 19 - 25% High Experienced Users
Intense > 25% Intense Intense Users

Therapeutic Effects of Hybrid Weed

Perhaps the biggest reason people use hybrid weed is for its therapeutic properties. Marijuana provided users benefits for ages for this exact reason. And with Hybrid cannabis strains becoming more potent than ever, you can obtain these effects with less product. 

Also, cannabis is still in the early stages of research, and breeders are still perfecting their craft. With more research leading to better information and better practices comes a broader range of benefits and uses.

Below are some of the most common effects associated with hybrid weed use in Canada.

Increases in relaxation and tranquillity Infusions of liveliness and energy 
Uplifting effects of overall mood Heightened levels of creativity
Promotion of happiness in general Increases in focus levels
Promotion of Euphoria throughout the body Higher chances of lethargic episodes 
Increases in the sedation of the mind & body Increases in bouts of hunger

Medical Benefits of Hybrid Marijuana

Since hybrid marijuana can provide such a wide variety of effects and helps cannabis users with certain conditions, whether it be to ease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression or to ease aches, pains, and inflammation, the uses are endless. 


Below are some of the most common medical uses of hybrid weed in Canada. 

Helps Lower Anxiety Levels Helps People Quit Addictions
Controls Symptoms of Depression Beneficial for Many Psychiatric Symptoms
Minimizes Stress Levels Helps Treat Autoimmune Diseases
Helps to Ease Aches and Pains Can Help Ease Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
Reduces Inflammation Issues Counteracts Nausea and Vomiting
Decreases Muscle Spasms Assists PTSD Sufferers
Helps Make Insomniacs Sleepy Increases Spasticity
Creates an Appetite For Eating Disorders Helps People With Movement Disorders
Induces Fatigue Helps to Treat Glaucoma
Helps to Control ADD/ADHD Helps to Control Epilepsy

Side Effects of Hybrid Weed

While there is a lot of good, there is also some bad. Luckily in this instance, the bad is not that bad at all. Cannabis is known to be relatively safe, and adverse effects are uncommon. 

However, marijuana is still a drug that contains THC that you should take in moderation. There is a list of long and short-term effects that can be of concern to specific individuals. That means no driving or doing anything else that is dangerous. 

Below are some of the most common side effects associated with hybrid weed use in Canada. 

Dry and Red Eyes Dizziness and Lightheadedness
Dry Mouth (Cottonmouth) Paranoia Episodes
Lethargic Episodes Heightened Anxiousness
Headaches and Throbbing Nauseating Sensations
Increased Heart Rate Light Vomiting
Poor Memory Retention Pains in the Chest
Lowered Coordination Lung Irritation
Increased Heart Rate Drowsiness and Sleepiness
Lowered Blood Pressure Increased Restlessness

Different Levels of Hybrid Cannabis Quality

Premium Weed (AAAA Weed)

AAAA weed is the top-of-the-line marijuana flower. These buds were grown and cured to perfection. Also known as quads, these premium AAAA flowers are potent, look great, smell better, and taste even better. These buds cost the most and are worth every dollar spent. 

Triple-A Weed (AAA Weed)

AAA weed (aka trips) are buds that typically have one or two small things wrong with them. Maybe the buds are a bit dry, the buds are slightly small, or the THC level is a bit low. Whatever the case, something prevents them from being classified as AAAA weed. The good news is that often trips can pass as higher quality to many. 

Budget Buds (AA Weed)

Budget buds are quality marijuana flowers but not excellent. These buds are often priced low and provide users with a lot of bang for their buck. They are priced at affordable levels and are a favourite to many consumers. In general, these buds have a few things that aren’t perfect. However, it is common to find AA weed that provides excellent value. Many inexperienced cannabis users often cannot even tell the difference between budget buds and higher quality weed. 

Marijuana Measurements

  • Eighth  = 3.5 Grams
  • Quarter = 7 Grams
  • Ounce = 28 Grams
  • Pound = 448 Grams
  • Pound = 16 Ounces

How To Store Hybrid Marijuana

If you want to extend the shelf life of your cannabis, follow these steps. First, keep your buds stored in an air-tight container. Second, keep your buds in a cool and dark place. Next, keep your cannabis clearly labelled and out of the reach of children. Child-proof containers can be very handy if you have children around.

Related Products You Can Try

Weed Edibles: This group of cannabis products is growing the quickest, and for a good reason. THC edibles are delicious goodies packed with THC. That makes them some of the most potent products on the market. What’s not to like about mixing tasty treats with your favourite substance? Some of the most popular weed edibles include cannabis gummies and THC baked goods.

Weed concentrates: These products pack quite a punch because they contain high levels of THC. The most popular weed concentrates include hashish, shatter wax, budder weed, and THC oil.  Marijuana extracts are ideal for anyone who can handle the intense effects. The best thing about these concentrates is that less product is needed to obtain the desired outcomes. 

Vapes: Weed vapes are perhaps one of the most convenient and efficient ways to consume cannabis. All that is needed is a weed pen, vape cartridge, and THC e juice. The good thing is that these products often come ready to use. 

Cannabidiol (CBD): Anyone who wants therapeutic benefits without getting high should try CBD. These CBD products are great for situations where getting high is not a good idea. Some standard CBD products include CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD vapes, and CBD for pets. 

Shrooms: These psilocybin-filled products are known to take users on a psychedelic journey filled with mind-bending experiences. Magic mushrooms come in various forms that include dried mushrooms, mushroom pills, gummy shroom candies, chocolate shrooms, and magic mushroom tea. 

The Best Place to Buy Hybrid Weed Online in Canada

The best place to buy hybrid weed is at Weed Delivery Vancouver, the best same-day weed dispensary delivery in the Greater Vancouver Area. We offer a wide selection of some of the most sought-after hybrid cannabis strains in Canada. All our weed strains are lab tested to ensure quality reaches your door. We also carry a large inventory of cannabis-related products. And don’t forget about our magic mushroom selection. Whatever you need, we got! So make WeedDeliveryVancouver your go-to cannabis store and start saving now. 

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