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Sativa Weed Strains: Buy Cannabis Sativa Flowers in Vancouver

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Sativa Weed Strains: Buy Cannabis Sativa Flowers in Vancouver

Phone: (236) 899-7717  –  Hours: 12PM to 8PM Daily

– We Deliver To All Of The Lower Mainland


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Written by the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team

Updated on March 11, 2021

Sativa weed strains are a group of cannabis that are commonly native to warm climates closer to the equator. Cannabis Sativa plants typically grow much taller than their Indica counterparts due to the longer, warmer seasons. Their buds are commonly large and cone-shaped and induce sensations ideal for daytime use. At Weed Delivery Vancouver, we offer up some of the most sought-after Sativa marijuana in Canada. On top of that, we offer these buds at the most affordable prices. So get same-day weed delivery in Vancouver and surrounding cities from the most trusted and highest-rated cannabis dispensary delivery. 

What is a Sativa Weed Strain?

Sativa weed strains have a deep-rooted history in Southeast Asia, Africa and Central America. The common attribute of all these areas is that they all have warm climates with long summers. This makes it ideal for Sativa marijuana plants since they take considerably longer to flower than other types. Now that we know where Sativa weed came from let’s learn what makes these plants the way they are.

Sativa weed (aka Cannabis Sativa) is a subcategory of marijuana commonly known for its uplighting and mood-boosting effects. These Sativa flowers provide users with a wide range of recreational and medical benefits. For example, the energetic effects make these strains great for promoting energy, focus, and creativity. Also, these effects are best suited for daytime use. However, many Sativa weed strains have effects that resemble many cannabis Indica strains. Therefore, it is suggested not to base your decisions on whether a strain is Sativa or Indica.

Cannabis Sativa Plant Traits

Sativa cannabis strains typically grow into tall and lanky plants. However, these strains can still grow into short bushes in rare cases. That just means that Sativa weed plants commonly grow taller than their Indica counterparts. Other differences include that they usually produce longer and more prominent flowers. When growing Sativa strains, it is beneficial to know that they typically take less time to flower than Indica strains. That makes sense since many Sativa cannabis plants are native to warmer areas with long summers. These plants usually have a flowering time of 9 weeks or longer. 

Lastly, many Indica cannabis strains have lower CBD levels and higher THC concentrations. The higher levels of THC are what give many Sativa strains the heady effects. However, this is not always the case as many Sativa strains share similar qualities to Indica weed. 

Sativa vs Indica Weed Strains

An excellent way to get a better idea of what makes Sativa strains unique is to compare them to Indica flower. That will help paint a clearer picture of how different Sativa and Indica strains can be. However, the lines between Sativa and Indica strains can muddle at times. That is because many Sativa strains share similar qualities to Indica marijuana and vice versa. The confusion gets amplified when you factor in all the hybrid weed strains out there. 

Sativa vs Indica

So what’s the difference between Sativa and Indica cannabis strains? Well, the answer is not so simple. For instance, there are hundreds of different Indica strains that each have their own sets of effects. Some of these Indica strains have many traits and influences that overlap with some Sativas. However, Sativa strains induce effects more suitable for daytime use and Indica for the night.  Many hybrid strains provide a nice balanced set of sensations for users to enjoy. 

Below you can find a Sativa vs Indica chart illustrating the differences in traits and effects. 

Sativa vs Indica Chart

Sativa vs Indica Sativa Indica
Plant Traits Sativa plants are typically medium to large and grow tall with thin leaves. Indica plants are typically small to medium plants that grow short with bushy and fat leaves.
Flowers Cannabis Sativa buds are ordinarily large and cone-shaped, and fluffy. Cannabis Indica buds usually are medium-sized, round, and dense.
Common Effects Sativa effects commonly include increases in uplifted spirits, creativeness, focus, happiness, relaxation, and hunger. Indica effects commonly include increases in relaxation, euphoria, sedation, sleepiness, happiness, and hunger.
Medical Uses Cannabis Sativa is commonly used to treat symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Aches/Pains
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Lack of Hunger
  • Troubles Focusing
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Low of Energy
Cannabis Indica is commonly used to treat symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Aches/Pains
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of Appetite
  • PTSD
Growing Info 9+ weeks flower 7-9 weeks flower

Best Sativa Strains

With a plethora of cannabis Sativa strains to choose from, it can be confusing at times. The good news is that there are many excellent sources of information available online. But for now, here are some recommendations of some of the most sought after Sativa weed strains in Canada:

Amnesia Haze Strain Blue Dream Strain Duke Nukem Strain
Durban Poison Strain Jet Fuel Strain Grapefruit Strain
King Tut Strain Lemon Skunk Strain Love Potion Strain
Maui Wowie Strain Mimosa Strain Moby Dick Strain
Pineapple Express Strain Purple Haze Strain Red Congo Strain
Scout Master Strain Sour Diesel Strain Sour Tangie Strain
Strawberry Cough Strain Super Lemon Haze Strain Trainwreck Strain
Wedding Cake Strain Wifi Strain

Sativa Cannabis Dosage Chart

Many variables will affect how THC interacts with an individual’s brain and body. For example, bodyweight, metabolic rate, tolerance level, potency, and frequency of use. Therefore, it is best to use this cannabis dosage chart only as a guideline to get started.

No High < 3%  Non-Psychoactive CBD Users
Low 3 - 10%  Low Beginners
Medium 10 - 18% Moderate Intermediate Users
High 19 - 25% High Experienced Users
Intense > 25% Intense Intense Users

Therapeutic Effects of Sativa Weed Strains

Sativa cannabis was around for thousands of years because of its beneficial effects they provide users. The best thing is that each Sativa strain has its own set of therapeutic effects. That provides users with a wide range of benefits that they can enjoy. 

Also, marijuana legalization is still in its infancy. That means a lot of research is to come, and many new things are on the horizon.

Below are some of the most common effects associated with Sativa weed use in Canada.

Increases in relaxation and tranquillity Infusions of liveliness and energy 
Uplifting effects of overall mood Heightened levels of creativity
Promotion of happiness in general Increases in focus levels
Promotion of Euphoria throughout the body Higher chances of lethargic episodes 
Increases in the sedation of the mind and body Increases in bouts of hunger

Medical Benefits of Sativa Marijuana

Sativa weed strains have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of medical issues. The uplighting and mood-elevating effects are useful in easing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, aches, pains, and much more. 


Below are some of the most common medical uses of cannabis Indica in Canada. 

Helps Lower Anxiety Levels Helps People Quit Addictions
Controls Symptoms of Depression Beneficial for Many Psychiatric Symptoms
Minimizes Stress Levels Helps Treat Autoimmune Diseases
Helps to Ease Aches and Pains Can Help Ease Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
Reduces Inflammation Issues Counteracts Nausea and Vomiting
Decreases Muscle Spasms Assists PTSD Sufferers
Helps Make Insomniacs Sleepy Increases Spasticity
Creates an Appetite For Eating Disorders Helps People With Movement Disorders
Induces Fatigue Helps to Treat Glaucoma
Helps to Control ADD/ADHD Helps to Control Epilepsy

Side Effects of Sativa Weed Strains

Sativa weed strains commonly induce uplifting effects that are more suitable for daytime use. That makes many of these strains ideal for those that need to take their cannabis medication throughout the day. The energetic and mind-elevating effects of certain Sativa strains help many people with their daily lives.

Also, Sativa cannabis can cause red eyes, dry mouth, and headaches. However, the most common adverse effects associated with Sativa weed use are often not severe and short-lived. However, the THC in marijuana still is an intoxicant and can even have long and short-term effects on users. Therefore, you should not drive or do anything remotely dangerous while under the influence.

Below are some of the most common side effects associated with cannabis Sativa use in Canada. 

Dry and Red Eyes Dizziness and Lightheadedness
Dry Mouth (Cottonmouth) Paranoia Episodes
Lethargic Episodes Heightened Anxiousness
Headaches and Throbbing Nauseating Sensations
Increased Heart Rate Light Vomiting
Poor Memory Retention Pains in the Chest
Lowered Coordination Lung Irritation
Increased Heart Rate Drowsiness and Sleepiness
Lowered Blood Pressure Increased Restlessness

How To Smoke Sativa Weed

There are many different ways to take cannabis. You can smoke it, vape it, and even eat it. Each distinct method has its own set of unique characteristics. Below are some of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana.

Joint: Smoking a joint is by far the most common way to take weed. You first roll up the buds with a rolling paper. Next, you just light up the joint and enjoy it. You could also try pre-rolled joints.

Blunt: Smoking a blunt is the same as smoking a joint, except you roll it up using a blunt wrap instead of a normal rollie.

Bong: A bong is a tool that you can use to smoke buds. They are commonly made of glass and are a great way to smoke weed. 

Pipe: You can also smoke weed out of a pipe. Just place some cannabis flower into the pipe and light it up. Using a cannabis pipe is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to smoke buds.

Vaporizer: Another method is vaping weed using a dry herb vaporizer. These products are different from the weed pens you commonly see at cannabis dispensaries. The vaporizer heats the buds and turns them into a vapour that you can inhale.

Different Levels of Cannabis Quality

Premium Weed (AAAA Weed)

The weed in this tier is considered the best of the best. The buds should look beautiful, smell fragrant, taste great, and be as potent as can be. AAAA weed is priced at a premium and is what cannabis connoisseurs typically prefer to smoke. 

Triple-A Weed (AAA Weed)

The next level down is triple-A weed. The buds of AAA weed can frequently pass for AAAA weed. Usually, there is only one or two small things wrong that knock these buds down a level. However, these buds are sure to pack a punch and be enjoyable as ever. 

Budget Buds (AA Weed)

A level down, we have AA weed. Many refer to these flowers as budget buds. They are priced at affordable levels and are a favourite to many consumers. In general, these buds have a few things that aren’t perfect. However, it is common to find AA weed that provides excellent value. Many inexperienced cannabis users often cannot even tell the difference between budget buds and higher quality weed. 

Marijuana Measurements

  • Eighth  = 3.5 Grams
  • Quarter = 7 Grams
  • Ounce = 28 Grams
  • Pound = 448 Grams
  • Pound = 16 Ounces

How To Store Marijuana

The best way to keep cannabis fresh is by storing it in an airtight container like a mason jar. That will prevent air from getting in and slow down the degradation process. Also, we recommend storing it in a cool and dark place. Also, we suggest keeping your weed in a safe place that is out of reach of children.

Related Products You Can Try

Weed Edibles: This group of cannabis products is growing the quickest, and for a good reason. Marijuana edibles are delicious goodies packed with THC. That makes them some of the most potent products on the market. What’s not to like about mixing tasty treats with your favourite substance? Some of the most popular weed edibles include weed gummies and baked goods.

Weed concentrates: These products pack quite a punch because they contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol. The most popular marijuana concentrates include hashish, wax shatter, budder wax, and weed oil.  Marijuana extracts are ideal for anyone who can handle the intense effects. The best thing about these concentrates is that less product is needed to obtain the desired outcomes. 

Vapes: Weed vapes are perhaps one of the most convenient and efficient ways to consume cannabis. All that is needed is a weed pen, vape cartridge, and THC vape juice. The good thing is that these products often come ready to use. 

Cannabidiol (CBD): Anyone who wants therapeutic benefits without getting high should try CBD. These CBD products are great for situations where getting high is not a good idea. Some everyday CBD products include CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD vapes, and CBD for pets. 

Shrooms: These psilocybin-filled products are known to take users on a psychedelic journey filled with mind-bending experiences. Magic mushrooms come in various forms that include dried magic mushrooms, shroom capsules, shroom gummies, shroom chocolates, and shroom tea. 

The Best Place to Buy Weed Online in Canada

The best place to buy Sativa weed and get it delivered the same day is at WeedDeliveryVancouver. Not only do we specialize in cannabis, but we have been in the shroom industry for just as long. So shop now and pick from our selection of Sativa cannabis strains. Make sure to browse through our other items, as our selection extends well beyond marijuana flowers and dried shrooms.  So order now at Weed Delivery Vancouver and sign up to receive special promotions and offers. 

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