Shroomology Psybucha – Microdose Drink


Created with health in mind: Psybucha is a delightfully delicious drink any time of the day. Totally acceptable to drink on your break, in the morning for breakfast, or grab a few and share with your friends on a beach or on the boat.

We used a psilocybe extract that was standardized to contain only the active ingredients psilocybin – lab tested.

Generally, in a “magic mushroom” species of mushroom, it contains 1.5% psilocybin (the psychedelic compound of the fungi). This means that 100mg (a true Micro-dose) would have 1.5mg of pure psilocybin.
Hence, a micro-dosed kombucha! (Trust us, after a few, you will start feeling a little funny!)
Best served chilled.
Shroomology Psybucha – Microdose Drink

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